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Tarlow Design

Tarlow Design

As a product design services company, Tarlow Design has helped hundreds of products move from product concept to working prototype to production ready for licensing or manufacturing. The company helps clients who often have limited budgets navigate the unfamiliar waters of product design, offering expertise in evaluating the viability of the design itself, recommending changes if needed, undergoing a patent search, creating professional-grade drawings, and finding the right licensee. The great range and step-by-step nature of Tarlow Design’s services mean that clients need not consult anyone else as they move their idea from initial concept to the marketplace.

Started nearly 30 years ago, Tarlow Design was a natural outgrowth of passions held by Ken Tarlow, the company’s founder and President. As a child, he would craft toys out of bamboo and balloons and sell them at school. When he was 14 years old, he created a robot that could walk and talk. As an adult, Tarlow began working as a professional product designer, creating products that anticipated such popular devices as the DVD player. He brings his extensive experience in the industry to bear on behalf of his clients.

Those clients have expressed satisfaction with the services rendered by Tarlow Design. Barbara Arner, the inventor of a motorized tie rack product worth more than $1 million dollars in royalties, credits the company for bringing her idea to fruition. Another inventor lauds the all-in-one nature of the company’s services. Gregg Fischer of Berkeley Sourcing Group says Tarlow Design has assisted many of his clients in making innovative changes that improve the quality of the final product.

To read more client testimonials, find in-depth information about the company’s services, and browse its product portfolio, visit http://www.tarlowdesign.com.


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